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    Product > Petrochemical additive
    Petrochemical additive


    [ Products Description ] 
    To meet the demands of high efficiency and environmental protection in petrochemical production, aiming at the latest international techniques, we have developed various kinds of additives with excellent property by cooperation with the research institutes and universities, which have been used in petrochemical industry, and achieved satisfactory result.

    [ Features & Applications ]

    Name Type Properties
    Demulsifiler RR Density: 0.9-1.1kg/L
    Freezing point: ≤-20°C
    Hydroxyl value: ≤50mgKOH/g
    PH(1% Solution): 5-7
    Dewatering and desalting in electric desalting plant in oil refinery.
    Decalcifying agent CaD9700 Density: 1.2-1.5kg/L
    Freezing point: ≤-20°C
    PH: 6-7
    Defoamer XP Density: 0.8-0.9kg/L
    Freezing point: ≥70°C
    Hydroxyl value: ≤0.1mgKOH/g
    Elimination and inhition of foam in the oil in delayed coking plant
    Anti-oxidant KS Density: 0.85-1.05kg/L
    Freezing point: ≤-25°C
    Kinetic viscosity: 2.0-6.0mm2/s
    Anti-oxidant Autioxygen agent suitable for gasoline, diesel oil, jet fuel and lube oil etc.
    Gasoline stabilizer GS Density: 0.85-1.05kg/L
    Freezing point: ≤-20°C
    Solid Content: 65±2%
    Gasoline stabilizer Antioxidation, scale inhibition and heighten the combustion efficiency.
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